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Traditional Dresses in India | Indian Kurtis kurtas Tunics for women

What are the different types of traditional Dresses in India?
India , being a traditionally rich country has a diverse heritage. It has witnessed rulers from different parts of the world , like Mughals, portugese , Dutch, Britishers. All of these rulers affected the evolution of Indian Traditional dresses in the modern world. The dresses like Saree, blouses, Kurtas, peticoat etc have been part of women clothing from a very long time , but dresses like Anarkali suits, Salwar suits were introduced much later, about 500 years back when Mughals came to india. 

The Mughals greatly infuenced the ethnic wears in India as their fashion fused with the fashion style of India created masterpieces that are still very popular in India. Salwar suitis the most common dress form in India because of the comfort it provides to the person wearing it and the large number of varieties and designs it comes in. Mughals also influenced the evolution of Anarkali suit which a long Salwar suits with a lot of Emb…

Best Job Consultancies in Bangalore list

List of best Job Consultancies in Bangalore Here are a few Good Job Consultancies in Bangalore.

You can see the full list at:

1. Name : Micro Academy (I) Pvt Ltd. Website Address: Micro Academy (I) Pvt. Ltd. 189 Amarjyothi Layout Domlur, Bangalore - 560071 Phone Number: +91-80-25358182  Email:
2. Name : CareerNET Website: Address: CareerNet Technologies Pvt. Ltd. CareerNet Campus,  Plot No. 53, Kariyammana Agrahara Road,Devarabisana Halli (Next to Intel Junction Flyover), Outer Ring Road Bangalore - 560 037 Phone Number: +91-80-66560000 Email Id:

HTML Objective Questions for Interview preparation

HTML Objective Questions for Interview preparation1Who is known as the father of WWW (World Wide Web) ? A.Charles Darwin B.Tim Thompson C.Tim Berners-Lee D.Robert Cailliau
2What does a Markup tag tells the web browser? A.How to organize the page B.How to display message box on page? C.How to display the page D.None of these
3Which organization defines the Web Standards? A.Apple Inc. B.World Wide Web Consortium(W3C) C.Microsoft Corporation D.IBM Corporation
4How will you define a homepage?? A.Is is an index of encyclopedia articles B.It is the first page of a website C.It is a place where all the data of internet is stored D.It is required for the access of internet
5What is the traditional file name of a homepage of a website?? A.home.html B.index.html C.web.html D.front.html
Please refer the following links for more questions and Explanations of the above questions..

Tell me something about yourself

Tell me Something about yourself Imagine, you enter the interview room, the interviewer is sitting right in front of you and asks you to have your seat, and then before you can feel comfortable he throws the most scary question at you Tell me something about yourself. It scares the sh*t out of most college students and some experienced professionals too! This is one of the most common FIRST question in any kind of an interview, be it technical or HR round! The answer to this question plays a very major role in your selection,But since we are not used to introduce ourselves , this question makes most of us nervous and we need to practice to answer this question properly as this question can help you to make the interviewer ask the questions you want him to ask you. Before we jump in to the answer we need to understand the following 2 points:  "Should our answer be same in the technical round and the HR round??""Why does the interviewer ask this questions??" Read the…

ISTQB Dumps 2013

ISTQB 2013 dumps for ISTQB Test takers in 2013. Advice:
1. Read at least one book on Software Testing back to back. It will prepare you for the questions which are tricky.
2. There is a very high chance the you would get 20% questions out of these dumps , So it is also important to understand the concepts properly.
3.  ISTQB certification 2013 is important from the point of view of an upcoming interview, It is an added advantage and increase your chances of getting selected over other candidates.
4. ISTQB 2013 dumps are only for practice, you need to practice a lot of these ISTQB dumps to get high marks.
5. The following questions are taken from the following website .
This website has a good collection of questions and I would recommend you to go through the website completely at least once before taking the actual examination.


ISTQB Dumps 2013 with answers

ISTQB Dumps 2013, Dumps for ISTQB 2013, ISTQB Dumps with AnswersThis page contains sample questions taken form a website for Dumps of ISTQB 2013 , Practice these ISTQB Dumps 2013 Questions and get certified in Testing for the year 2013 to get the most valuable Testing Certification

Here is the original Link:

1 When what is visible to end-users is a deviation from the specific or expected behavior, this is called: A. an error B. a fault C. a failure D. a defect E. a mistake

Regression testing should be performed: v) every week w) after the software has changed x) as often as possible y) when the environment has changed z) when the project manager says A. v & w are true, x – z are false B. w, x & y are true, v & z are false C. w & y are true, v, x & z are false D. w is true, v, x y and z are false E. All of the Above
3 IEEE 829 test plan documentation standard contain…

Methods in Java Objective Questions and Answers for placement

Methods in java:
What is the output of the following program?
class MyClass
public static void main(String[] args)
int x;
static int test()
System.out.println("Inside Test()");
Inside Test()
Compilation Error
C. None of the Above

What is the output of the following program?
class MyClass
public static void main(String[] args)
int x;
System.out.println("Begin Main");
System.out.println("End Main");
static  test()
System.out.println("Inside Test()");
return 0;

Can we initialize a variable like this?
class MyClass
public static void main(String[] args)
int i=test();

static int  test()
return 10;


General Awareness Objective Questions and Answers for IBPS 2013 and Bank Po Exams


A Legendary Indian athlete was recently honored for his services to sports at a special event at the House of Lords in London. Name him? A. Kumaravel Prem Kumar B. Milkha Singh
2  Who is the new MD of UTI Mutual Fund? A. Leo Puri B. Imtaiyazur Rahman

Recently Sri Lanka sent President Mahinda Rajapaksa's younger brother to Delhi to hold talks with Indian leadership over its controversial plan to tinker with the India-moved thirteenth amendment (13A). Who is he? A. Gamini Peiris B. Basil Rajapaksa

 According to Food Minister K V Thomas, the Govt. is planning to increase sugar import duty to 15
percent. Earlier it was? A. 14 per cent B. 10 per cent

 India recently rejected a request for asylum by a former employee of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) who leak

IBPS General Awareness Preparation Questions and answers 2013


India recently successfully launched its first dedicated navigation satellite using the Polar satellite  Launch Vehicle which blasted off from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre. Name it? A. IRJSS-1A B. IRNSS-1A

Recently a Top seeded Indian Grand Master won the Continental Chess Association Open title.  Name him? A. Dibyendu Barua B. Parimarjan Negi 13

. Recently which country asked the International Monetary Fund for a $5.3 billion,  three-year loan to boost growth in a bid to rebuild foreign exchange reserves, an energy crisis  and a sliding currency? A. Pakistan B. China

Recently the government of which state has joined hands with Tata Groupset up a network  of skill development centres which would enable the youth of the state to capitalise on  emerging trends and the needs of local industries? A. Rajasthan Government B. Punjab Government

Syllabus for eLitmus

Elitmus Syllabus | Syllabus for Elitmus pH Test There are 3 Sections of an eLitmus pH Test Paper and each section contains 20 Questions. We will discuss the "syllabus of Elitmus" based on each section.
 Quantitative Aptitude: Problem Solving or Data Interpretation and Reasoning Verbal Ability
There are 20 Questions in each section. The details of syllabus for each section is given in the link below:

Read more:

Practice eLitmus Questions here:
eLitmus Questions Solved with Explanation

Java Tutorial for Beginners , Experienced Freshers for job interview

Java Tutorial for freshers and experienced that will help in job interviews Following are the links to some really nice Tutorials on Java.
Java Version History

Advantages of Java:
Object Oriented Programming Concepts in Java
Pillars of OOPS
Explanation of a simple Java program line by line

.Net Objective Questions and Answers for campus placement and Job Interview

.Net is one of the most common programming platform now a days and use C# programming Language  which is an Object Oriented Programming Language with striking resemblance to Java in Syntax.
So it is easy to learn .
Here are the links to Objective Questions on C# .Net with answers.
.Net Framework Objective Questions:
Classes and Objects in C# .Net Objective Questions
C# Data Types in .Net Objective Questions
Operatiors in C# .Net Objective Questions…

Engineering college ranking in bangalore

With so many engineering colleges opening all over India now a days, It is very difficult to find the college which is best for you. Here is a link consisting of the rank of Engineering Colleges in Bangalore, Karnataka.

R.V. College of Engineering is still the Best closely followed by PESIT, Bangalore.

BMS has gone down from 3rd Rank to 4th Rank.
MSRIT has moved up 1 place and became the 4th Best Engineering College in Bangalore.

ISTQB Testing Certification dumps The Most popular and Valuable Testing Certification

ISTQB Testing Certification dumps is the Most popular and Valuable Testing Certification
There are 8 ISTQB dumps currently on ISTQB is the Most Valuable and Popular Testing Certification  These are the ISTQB Foundation Level Dumps. ISTQB Dumps 1
ISTQB Dumps 2
ISTQB Dumps 3
ISTQB Dumps 4
ISTQB Dumps 5
ISTQB Dumps 6
ISTQB Dumps 7
ISTQB Dumps 8

Java Objective Questions and Answers Collection for Freshers campus placement interview

A collection of Java Objective Questions and answers for Placement preparation:
Here is a really nice collection of Java Objective Questions and answers for Placement preparation:
Java Objective Questions and Answers for Placement

Till now only 3 sections are up and the rest will be up soon!
Basic Java Objective questions  for placement Multiple Choice Questions , MCQs

 Data Types in Java Objective questions  for placement Multiple Choice Questions , MCQs
Operators in Java Objective questions for placement, Multiple Choice Questions , MCQs

The website is from some friends of mine who are working in McAfee, Cisco, Symphony, Cognizant and TCS.