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Best Job Consultancies in Bangalore list

List of best Job Consultancies in Bangalore Here are a few Good Job Consultancies in Bangalore.

You can see the full list at:

1. Name : Micro Academy (I) Pvt Ltd. Website Address: Micro Academy (I) Pvt. Ltd. 189 Amarjyothi Layout Domlur, Bangalore - 560071 Phone Number: +91-80-25358182  Email:
2. Name : CareerNET Website: Address: CareerNet Technologies Pvt. Ltd. CareerNet Campus,  Plot No. 53, Kariyammana Agrahara Road,Devarabisana Halli (Next to Intel Junction Flyover), Outer Ring Road Bangalore - 560 037 Phone Number: +91-80-66560000 Email Id:

HTML Objective Questions for Interview preparation

HTML Objective Questions for Interview preparation1Who is known as the father of WWW (World Wide Web) ? A.Charles Darwin B.Tim Thompson C.Tim Berners-Lee D.Robert Cailliau
2What does a Markup tag tells the web browser? A.How to organize the page B.How to display message box on page? C.How to display the page D.None of these
3Which organization defines the Web Standards? A.Apple Inc. B.World Wide Web Consortium(W3C) C.Microsoft Corporation D.IBM Corporation
4How will you define a homepage?? A.Is is an index of encyclopedia articles B.It is the first page of a website C.It is a place where all the data of internet is stored D.It is required for the access of internet
5What is the traditional file name of a homepage of a website?? A.home.html B.index.html C.web.html D.front.html
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