HTML Objective Questions for Interview preparation

HTML Objective Questions for Interview preparation

1 Who is known as the father of WWW (World Wide Web) ?
A. Charles Darwin
B. Tim Thompson
C. Tim Berners-Lee
D. Robert Cailliau

2 What does a Markup tag tells the web browser?
A. How to organize the page
B. How to display message box on page?
C. How to display the page
D. None of these

3 Which organization defines the Web Standards?
A. Apple Inc.
B. World Wide Web Consortium(W3C)
C. Microsoft Corporation
D. IBM Corporation

4 How will you define a homepage??
A. Is is an index of encyclopedia articles
B. It is the first page of a website
C. It is a place where all the data of internet is stored
D. It is required for the access of internet

5 What is the traditional file name of a homepage of a website??
A. home.html
B. index.html
C. web.html
D. front.html

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