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eLitmus Syllabus 2015 Updated, Syllabus for eLitmus pH Test 2015 Updated

eLitmus Syllabus 2015 | Topics for eLitmus pH Test with Syllabus to follow Hi Guys !
We have updated the syllabus for eLitmus on ,
The eLitmus syllabus has not changed in the past few years but we though of extending the old article and add more detail to it...
So here is the updated article:
eLitmus Syllabus 2015

Here is and extract from the same article about Quantitative Aptitude Section...

Focus on the following topics to get a good score, I must say a very good score(above 90 percentile) because the competition is very tough now:

- Number Systems

- Geometry

- Probability

- Permutation and Combination

If you prepare just these topics very well and up to the level of eLitmus, believe me you will get above 90 percentile. Another advantage of preparing these topics with a solid knowledge is that these are also the topics for problem solving section, which we will be discussing next, so if you are preparing these topics you are also preparing for problem solving se…

Cryptarithmetic Problems with solution for eLitmus pH Test CAT Cryptarithmetic

Crypt-Arithmetic Problems with Solution  As we know, Crypt-Arithmetic Questions are asked in many major Aptitude tests. Cryptarithmetic Questions are highly recommended for people preparing for MBA entrance exams like GMAT, CAT, XAT etc and eLitmus Preparation as it increases you aptitude level and your ability to deal with numbers.
So I decided to come up with some questions and with the help of Kunal have provided solutions to these Cryptarithmetic problems. All of the questions here are Multiplication based Crypt-Arithmetic Problems.  Solution at: Solution to Cryptarithmetic Question 1

 Solution : Solution to Cryptarithmetic Question 2
 Solution : Solution to Cryptarithmetic Question 3
 Solution : Solution to Cryptarithmetic Question 4
 Solution : Solution to Cryptarithmetic Question 5
Queries directing to this page:
Cryptarithmetic Questions Cryptarithmetic Problems Crptarithmetic Problems with solution How to Solve Cryptarithmetic Problems Cryptarithmetic Problems asked in eLtim…

eLitmus Study Material eLitmus Syllabus for pH Test eLitmus

There are 3 Sections of an eLitmus pH Test Paper and each section contains 20 Questions. We will discuss the "syllabus of Elitmus" based on each section.
 Quantitative Aptitude:  Problem Solving or Data Interpretation and Reasoning  Verbal Ability
There are 20 Questions in each section. To go through every aspect of eLitmus you can visit the following Links: 1. Click Here For eLitmus Syllabus:
2. eLitmus Solved Question paper for Quantitative Aptitude is available at : eLitmus Quatitative Aptitude Solution and Explanation
3.  eLitmus asks a really good questions where you are given a multiplication / addition of Alphabets and you have to find the Numerical Value that each alphabet represents. These eLitmus Questions are called Cryptarithmetic Questions. For More detail Click on  How to solve Cryptarithmetic Problems .
4.  Here is another Cryptarithmetic Question with step by step explanation: Cryptarithmetic Question Step By Step
5. Here is an awesome Article on How to prepare f…

Tell me about Yourself | Introduce Yourself HR Interview Question

Tell me About Yourself. This is the most common interview questions and is asked in every round by the interviewer. It is mainly used to know if you are confident about yourself or not and how well you can sell yourself.
Here is a very good article on "Tell me about yourself" on : How to answer "tell me something about yourself"?
The article explains everything in detail on how you should answer this questions and how careful you should be while answering it.
It also tell how you can steer your whole interview by answering this questions with a little trick.
Here are a few lines from that page:
Before we jump in to the answer we need to understand the following 2 points:  "Should our answer be same in the technical round and the HR round??""Why does the interviewer ask this questions??""Why does the interviewer ask this question?? (Tell me about Yourself or Introduce Yourself)"  The following points answers this questio…