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Selenium Interview Questions and Answers for Interview preparation

Selenium Interview Questions and Answers for Interview preparation What is Selenium ?Answer: 
Selenium is an open source automation testing tool.
Used only for web based applications.
Supports writing of testcases in different languages like Html, C#, Java, Phython, Ruby etc.
Supports the execution of test cases on multiple web browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, IE, Opera, HtmlUnit, Android, iOS .
Mainly used for functional, regression and load testing.
Released under Apache 2.0 licence.
It can be downloaded from
Highly flexible as it provides many options for locating UI element and comparing expected test results against actual application behaviour. It can be deployed on Windows, Linux, and Macintosh.

Selenium Interview questions and answers for Interview and Selenium Automation Testing Jobs

Python Interview Questions and Answers for Placement and Job

1. Is Python a scripting Language?A: Yes, but it is not just a scripting Language, It is also an Object Oriented Language and supports Classes/ Inheritance too.

Python is a remarkably powerfuldynamic programming language that is used in a wide variety of application domains. It is a full fledged programming language which can be used to develop a range ofsoftwares from websites to desktop apps to mobile apps to graphic tools etc
2. Give an example of Compile Time Error in PythonA: Python is an interpreted language and we can not compile it. Hence Python does not have Compile Time Errors.

Each line of your python program is executed and if there is any error in the program, it throws an exception and the program exits if the exception is not handled properly.
3. What are .pyc files in python?A: .pyc files contains bytecodes of the program.
When we execute our python program, Python first compiles our code in to bytecodes and stores it inside the same folder with an extension of .pyc.