Tell me something about yourself

Tell me Something about yourself

Imagine, you enter the interview room, the interviewer is sitting right in front of you and asks you to have your seat, and then before you can feel comfortable he throws the most scary question at you Tell me something about yourself. It scares the sh*t out of most college students and some experienced professionals too!
This is one of the most common FIRST question in any kind of an interview, be it technical or HR round! The answer to this question plays a very major role in your selection,But since we are not used to introduce ourselves , this question makes most of us nervous and we need to practice to answer this question properly as this question can help you to make the interviewer ask the questions you want him to ask you. Before we jump in to the answer we need to understand the following 2 points: 
  1. "Should our answer be same in the technical round and the HR round??"
  2. "Why does the interviewer ask this questions??"
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