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What are the different types of traditional Dresses in India?

India , being a traditionally rich country has a diverse heritage. It has witnessed rulers from different parts of the world , like Mughals, portugese , Dutch, Britishers. All of these rulers affected the evolution of Indian Traditional dresses in the modern world. The dresses like Saree, blouses, Kurtas, peticoat etc have been part of women clothing from a very long time , but dresses like Anarkali suits, Salwar suits were introduced much later, about 500 years back when Mughals came to india. 

The Mughals greatly infuenced the ethnic wears in India as their fashion fused with the fashion style of India created masterpieces that are still very popular in India. Salwar suitis the most common dress form in India because of the comfort it provides to the person wearing it and the large number of varieties and designs it comes in. Mughals also influenced the evolution of Anarkali suit which a long Salwar suits with a lot of Embroidery done on it. This was featured in the Indian Movie Mughal-E-Azam

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What are the different type of Kurtas available?

There are many types of kurtas based on the length of Kurta, length of sleeve and kurta with special work done on it. 
  1. Long Sleeve
  2. Short Sleeve
  3. Sleeveless
  4. Embroidered : It has a lot of embroidery done on it.
  5. Kurtis: These are shorter in length and their length is up to your thighs.
Refer: for more collections of kurtas kurtis and other traditional Ethnic wears of India

Traditional Dresses in India is what makes Indian dresses so special.. the variety and embroidery done on these dresses like kurtas , ethnic blouses ,sarees, salwar suits etc are just amazing and looks more of an art work... 


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