Tell me about Yourself | Introduce Yourself HR Interview Question

Tell me About Yourself.

This is the most common interview questions and is asked in every round by the interviewer.
It is mainly used to know if you are confident about yourself or not and how well you can sell yourself.

Here is a very good article on "Tell me about yourself" on :

The article explains everything in detail on how you should answer this questions and how careful you should be while answering it.
It also tell how you can steer your whole interview by answering this questions with a little trick.

Here are a few lines from that page:

Before we jump in to the answer we need to understand the following 2 points: 
  1. "Should our answer be same in the technical round and the HR round??"
  2. "Why does the interviewer ask this questions??"

"Why does the interviewer ask this question?? (Tell me about Yourself or Introduce Yourself)" 

The following points answers this question: 
  1. The interviewer wants to know about your background.
  2. He needs a quick overview of your resume by yourself.
  3. How you present yourself
  4. How confident are you about yourself.
  5. How clear are your views and your thought process.
  6. Do you stammer and get nervous while presenting yourself?
  7. Have you ever demonstrated leadership qualities.
  8. How consistent are you?
  9. Are you arrogant or too proud of yourself?


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