GRE Antonyms Words Collection for Practice

Antonym Words Collection for GRE

Here are some Antonyms related questions fore English Exams like GRE , GMAT, CAT etc

1 Opacity
A. firmness
B. transparence
C. iridescence
D. slum
E. poverty

2 Prim
A. careful
B. rare
C. improper
D. decisive
E. unnecessary

3 Harbinger
A. miser
B. ascetic
C. follower
D. counselor
E. braggart

4 Hedge
A. refuse to represent
B. make a foolish comment
C. establish a connection
D. state without qualification
E. act on impulse

5 Mournful
A. private
B. joyous
C. sympathetic
D. informal
E. appropriate

1. B
2. C
3. C
4. A
5. B
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GRE Antonyms Questions

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