SSC Previous Question Paper Solved SSC General Awareness Questions 2013

SSC Previous Question Paper Solved 2014 | General Awareness SSC Exam

Hi Friends,
Here are few questions for SSC Aspirants.
These are real SSC Questions asked in 2013 with detailed explanations.

1 Who is the finder of quantum theory of radiation?
A. Einstein
B. Bohr
C. Plank
D. S N Bose
Ans : C
The concept of quantization of radiation was discovered in 1900 by Max Planck

2 The Daocheng Yading Airport is located in
A. Thailand
B. Philippines
C. China
D. Tibet
Ans: C

3 Which one of the following is responsible for the working of Newton's colour disc experiment?
A. Formation of pure spectra
B. Formation of impure spectra
C. Persistence of vision
D. Principle of complementary colour
Ans: C

4 Where did Aurangzeb die?
A. Pune
B. Aurangabad
C. Ahmadnagar
D. Mumbai
Ans: C
Aurangzeb died in Ahmadnagar (Currently in Maharashtra) on 20 February,1707 at the age of 88 years. His grave is located in Khuldabad which is near Ahmadnagar.

5 Fiber optics cable used in communication,works on the principle of
A. regular reflection of light
B. diffuse reflection of light
C. refraction of light
D. total internal reflection of light
Ans: D
An optic fiber can function as a web guide or light pipe to transmit light between the two ends of the transmits light along its axis by the process of total internal reflection.
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SSC Questions and answers with explanation given in details on for SSC 2014 Aspirants . The questions are provided with awesome explanation that will deepen your knowledge for SSC Exams and General Awareness.


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