How to Access torrent sites in India

Well here is a tight slap on the ISP's face who have blocked torrent sites..:

How to open torrent sites in India
Unable to open torrent sites ? Here is the solution.

Now you can open torrent sites even if the ISP has blocked access to it..
You need to follow these steps:

1. Go to
2. Sign Up and download the openVPN software.
3. Click on the connect button on the top after selecting the server.
4. For the first time you might be asked to download the openVPN and provide you credention i.e. email and password with which you created account on this website.
5. Wait for the connection.
6. Enjoy!! You can open or etc easily now.
7. Download the torrent file that you need and open it with your torrent client(utorrent or bittorrent).
8. You should be able to download as before.
9. DISCONNECT from the VPN by clicking on openVPN in your traybar(bottom right.. neat the digital clock on ur desktop)  and then disconnect from private tunnel .
10. It has a limit of 100mb usage so use those 100mb wisely and disconnect after downloading the torrent file.

Note: This slows down you internet speed so Only use this to download the .torrent files and disconnect after that so that you can browse at your normal internet speed!

How Does it Work?

Well It simply created a VPN to the specified server and then you can use any website as if your computer is present at that location(location of the server). All the internet access that you do will go through that server when you are connected thus slowing down your browsing speed.

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